Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda

Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda worked in industry and university over 35 years in number of countries.  He is currently Professor in Smart Systems and Project Director: Airports of the Future Research in Queensland University of Technology, Australia. During past three decades Prof. Yarlagadda his wealth of knowledge in the broad fields of Bio-manufacturing, 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacgturing to address various Orthoapedic and cardio-vascular medical devices problems.  He has active collaborations with various medical institutes namely; Princes Alexandria Hospital, Prince Charles Hospital,  Brisbane,Australia, Singapore Government Hospital, Singapore and Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences, Coimbatore  and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India. He had active collaboration with number of surgeons and in both orthopedic and cardio-vascular fields.   His recent works  on fracture fixation and  production of actericidal surfaces on orthopedic implants to minimize post-surgical infection received international attention and greatly enhanced quality of life in aged population.

He had number of distinguished appointments in various universities in India, China and Australia.  He received more than $15M funding for his research for various national and international collaborators and he published more than 500 papers with number of key note speeches delivered across the world. In 2012 he received a Prestigious Great Honour Award for his outstanding and life time contribution to the discipline of manufacturing in world Arena from Materials Division of Polish Academy of Sciences.  In 2016 Professor Yarlagadda was awarded Order of Australia Medal and included in Queens Birthday Honours list in recognition of his outstanding service to Engineering Profession and Indian Community in Queensland, Australia.  He is Editor in Chief of Journal of Engineering Technology, Deputy Editor-in-chief, International journal of Achievements in Materials and manufacturing Engineering, International journal of   Achieves of Materials Science and Engineering,  and also editorial board member of 18 ISI listed Journals.  Prof. Prasad had number of community leadership roles as President, Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc., President, The India Australia Society Incl. President, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, (Chapter-209). USA, Chair Person, GOPIO International Science and Technology council are among other leadership positions during past decade.


Since 2008 Professor & Project Director: Airports of Future, Queensland University of Technology (QUT);

Since 2014 International Professor, Vellore Institute of Technology University, Vellore, India;

Since 2017 Visiting Professor, VRSEC, Nagarjuna University, India;

Since 2017 VAJRA Professor, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (IISc), India


01/02 – 12/04       Director: Product Design and Mfg., QUT, Australia

01/05 – 12/ 11      Director: Smart System Research Cent, QUT, Australia

01/04 – 12/05       Assoc. Dean and Director, Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering, QUT, Australia

03/03 – 12/03       Senior Visiting Scientist, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Tech., Singapore


2001 QUT Outstanding Academic Contribution Award in Research and Scholarship, & Equity Award.  

2004 Global Research Award (GCMM);

2007 Fryderyk Staub Golden Owl Award from World Academy of Manufacturing and Materials, Poland;

2008 Brisbane Times Multi cultural community award and Vice-Chancellor’s Performance Award in QUT;

2009 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award in QUT;

2012 ‘The Great Honorary Award’ from World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering;

2012 Queensland International Fellowship to undertake research in India and Singapore;

2016 OAM Order of Australia Medal, Australian Government, (Australian Honours System)

2018 & 2020 VAJRA Fellowship, Ministry of Science and Technology, India

NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROFILE: CI Yarlagadda is a Professor at QUT. He is currently a CI of a DP18 project along with 2 linkage & 2 ITTC and other industrial projects. He has established his research expertise in automotive, aerospace, biomedical manufacturing, antibacterial surfaces and additive manufacturing. CI Yarlagadda is  responsible for  leading  and  managing  many  cross-disciplinary  research  projects  funded  both  from domestic and international sources, and brings these project management skills to this application which is a natural progression of his current research activities. He is having large scale collaboration with number of universities in India, Singapore, South Korea and China. He is a visiting professor in number of universities in India. He is a recipient of VAJRA Fellowship at the IISc. CI Yarlagadda had number of visiting professor appointments at IISc, VIT University, Vellore, VRS Engineering Academy, Vijayawada, PSG college of Technology, Coimbatore and Shendong Jio Tong University China. Most of these collaborations are in broad field of digital manufacturing and additive manufacturing for various applications.

 STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS: CI Yarlagadda is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of digital manufacturing and their applications for automotive, aerospace, tissue engineering, permanent scaffold production for orthopedic applications, fracture fixation methods. During the past decade he spent a considerable amount of time and collaborated with a number of researchers from Australia, Singapore and India to study and test performance of his orthopedic scaffolds and implants developed with various hospitals and research organizations in India, Singapore and Australia. The proposed facilities of suite of printers will be greatly helpful for one of more current ARC discovery grants and also another linkage grant in production of various nano-pillared surfaces and various other custom specific implants for various fracture fixation applications. Some of the successful outcomes of these research projects are mainly related to the excellent production of microfluidic devices, automotive parts, biosensors, bactericidal surfaces for  implants manufacturing, production of permanent (titanium  scaffolds) for hard (bone) tissue engineering applications and also development of various fracture fixation algorithms in consultation with various surgeons. Prof Yarlagadda successfully completed supervision of 49 HDR students and currently supervising 16 PhD students.


2000 Member of Institution of EEE Society, USA;

2003 Fellow of Institution of Engineers, India;

2004 Fellow of Engineers Australia;

2005 Fellow of World Academy of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering;

2005 Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK

2020 Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials, Sweden

CI Yarlagadda is also Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Engineering Technology, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Achievements in Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Achieves of Materials, Guest editor of 6 international journals and editorial board member of 18 ISI listed international journal.

MAJOR FUNDING SUPPORT: CI Yarlagadda has received more than $16M funding from various government and industry sectors (ARC, i.e. Discovery, Industrial Transformation Training Centres and Linkage Grants). He has also received several international research grants; A-STAR, Singapore, KITech, South Korea,  and VAJRA fellowship, Science and Research Council (under DST) India.

PUBLICATIONS AND PLENARY, KEYNOTE AND INVITED TALKS – SUMMARY DATA: CI Yarlagadda has published more than 500 papers in very high impact journals with 4250 Citations. Some of his work includes the production of nano-pillar structures for bactericidal surfaces, fracture fixation methods and permanent scaffolds for orthopedic attracted good citations both from surgeons and researchers. His h-index is 35 and i10 index is 57. CI Yarlagadda has been a Invited/plenary speaker at over 200 national and international symposia, conferences at research institutions and universities with more than 40 keynote presentations.


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RESEARCH END USER AND SOCIETAL IMPACTS: CI Yarlagadda developed a number of algorithms related to permanent scaffolds for orthopedic applications, the algorithms developed for fracture fixation in orthopedic surgeries, algorithmic procedures developed for automated fit quantification of tibial nail designs using 3-D computational models also received greater attention by number of researchers internationally, clinicians and surgeons.